I Still Remember

I remember  a white polar bear who’s arms and legs moved, who my son named Baby Bear. Where ever we went baby bear had to come with us. 

I remember Taggy; my daughter’s Frozen blanket she adored. She slept with it every night and during nap clutching the tag between her sweet little fingers as she fell asleep. Taggy was with her when she watched movies and cuddled with me on the couch, as well as whenever she took a ride. Taggy made her feel safe. Even though the tag was worn out and ripped she loved it just the same. 

I remember the pillow pet my son got for Christmas and was his favorite toy. Every night when I tucked my son into his bed, pillow pet also got tucked in. 

I remember our nightly ritual. For my older two boys it would be to put a learning video on for them to fall asleep too and tuck them and their stuffed animals snug in their beds. Then hugs and kisses where we would say the same saying my mother and I used to say when I was a child “Goodnight love you see you tomorrow.” The boys loved this ritual and even when they stayed at their dads and we talked on the phone we would still say our good night saying.

I remember for my younger two they slept with me. We would gather up their favorite blankies and my daughters Nuk, crawl into bed one on each side of me. My son wanted me to hold him tight and my daughter wanted her nuk and taggy. They were little and we started a ritual saying as well that just stuck one day. After the lights were out and we were comfortable just the three of us I would say “Good night and my son would repeat me, my daughter stopped sucking on her nuk long enough to repeat me as well, Love you Id say and they would repeat me holding my arm closer to their chest, See you in the morning Id say, they repeated me, then my son would say BYE and we would repeat him and say bye. I didnt like leaving it with bye so i would then say Love you again and they would repeat me. Every night this is what we did before we fell asleep.

I remember the smell of their shampoo and their lotion after a bath. Bath time was always fun and Id get all their clothes ready ahead of time, all their brushes, lotions ect. They always got to bring toys in the bath and afterwards we would squirt the toys out that still had water in them and put them in their pail for next time. They always tried bringing toys into the bath that were not bath toys and those toys would have to watch them take a bath.

I remember the movies we used to cuddle on the couch and watch together. I never wanted the tv to raise my kids so I would watch with them. Was nice to relax and cuddle to a good family movie together.

I remember the songs we sang together. “You’ll be in  my heart” the tarzan song was my and my oldest sons song together. “You are my sunshine” was my and my second sons song. “A your Adorable”was my third sons and my song. “You are so beautiful to me”was my and my daughters song which my third son helped sing to her with me all the time.

I remember not being allowed to leave the courthouse and go home to say goodbye to my three boys who were being falsely taken out of my care. I remember being threatened with jail because I was crying so loud and so hard for my babies. I remember when I heard they were being taken, it not sinking in at first and taking a few moments, as if it werent really happening.

I remember coming home hours later to a house with no children, though all their toys and beds were as they left them. I remember going into the nursery and grabbing a toy falling to my knees crying. I remember not wanting to be in the house and see all their things.

I remember being able to visit my children once a week for one hour in a monitored facility. I remember the first visit and we all cried, the boys made a huge scene and didnt want to let go of me.

I remember finally being allowed to have my children at my home. Eventually it moved to overnights. I remember the feeling of being allowed to have MY children who I raised, who I never hurt or put in harms way stay over night at my house. I remember the feeling when the workers came to check on us.

I remember the feeling when it was finally over and CPS was out of our lives. I felt accomplished and relieved and proud, I made it through all the obstacles put in place for me to fail. 

I remember the false allegations kept coming in by the same woman, I felt confident because the case had closed and the workers knew i was a good mom and had nothing but good things to say about me. I remember allowing the CPS workers and the police in and to view my children and each room in my home.

I remember that dreadful day the police and CPS broke into my home warrantless entry search and seizure after 14 proven false allegations and they were there to take my children. I remember the feeling i felt. I remember begging the worker to not take my children. I remember trying to reason with them and tell them the cops were there the night before and the 14 prior proven false allegations. I remember the panic I felt. I remember the person I called to come get my children. I remember having to wake my children up from a peaceful nap where they were safe to be taken away with strangers.

I remember watching that vehicle go down the road with my babies in the car, and me left in the road alone hyperventilating. I remember dropping to my knees. I remember feeling so empty, not knowing what to do.

I remember going to court not being able to show my undeniable proof or evidence. I remember we were silenced. I remember being told time and time again we cannot see our children. I remember being threatened with arrest if I showed up at my sons birthday. I remember not being a part of medical planning. I remember being erased.

I remember staying up all night researching the law and typing motions, only for them to be ignored by the judge. I remember being thrown in jail for child support because i showed up to court to fight for my children knowingly. I remember losing placement to the state. 

I remember my daughter who was only 4 and in state care and was in ICU for two days before either parent was notified. I remember we were not allowed to visit, or call, then not even call for updates on our dying daughter. I remember we were not allowed to have a say in any of her treatment, medications or surgeries. 

I remember a lot of things….some of which I would like to say I wish I didn’t, but these memories are what keeps me strong. Keeps me fighting this corrupt system. I remember these things of my babies and my babies remember them of me. No matter what we have a love and bond that cannot be broken. One day we will be together again, to make new memories to remember……


I Still Remember

Mother of 3 Dies with Broken Heart

Ask anyone who is Alienated from their children, what their biggest fear is. It is that we realize life is short and anything can happen at any time, where death could keep us permanently separated from our children. Many parents, mothers and fathers both take their lives due to the Family Court and juvenile Court system. It is designed to tear families apart, not keep them together. It hides behind “In the Best Interest of the Child” slogan, though that couldn’t be further from the truth. This isn’t a post to teach of all the corrupt and unethical things that occur in our court cases but to recognize parents are taking their own lives because of it.

Our children are our most precious gifts, and when you are kept from your children it is a hell like no other. When you go to court and have to fight to be a parent to your own children. It’s already a delicate situation, then you realize that you are in something much bigger. The system is designed for the children to be raised with one parent, while the other parents life is ruined. Spending all their money on attorneys, child support payments that are unrealistic to be able to survive on while you are paying that much money, a court that enforces child support payments but not visitation with your children, if the parent gets behind on child support they are thrown in jail. Sometimes they are thrown in jail with no bond, and have to sit for six months. Child support takes away your passport and license if you are behind on payments, making it even more difficult to work to pay the child support in the first place.

So many parents live this hell on a daily basis. Then they go to court and think the Judge will be fair, and they are anything but fair. This is too much for many parents to handle. Parents fight years and years, all the while the other parent with the child, ( or foster parent if CPS is involved) keeps the child from the parent fighting to be a part of their life. Most times these children do not have social media so they cannot be found by the estranged parent, the parent with placement doesn’t give the children gifts, calls, messages, letters from the estranged parent. The parent with placement brainwashes the child to believe the other parent wants nothing to do with them and if they did they would be “here” “acting like a parent”, knowing very well the obstacles the other parent is going through just to avoid warrants, jail time and to support themselves. This is by far the hardest thing to go through in the world and for a lot of parents it is to much pain to endure. As if living day by day without your child with you isn’t enough add all the other complexities.

Tonight I found out my Aunt passed away. Before all of this happened to me in my own adult life, I remember hearing that she didn’t care about her 3 kids and she was just living her life not caring at all about what happened to them. I remember being told not to bring her up in front of the kids. At the time I thought it was because it would hurt the kids and that their mom didnt want anything to do with them. I remember thinking how could  a mother not want anything to do with her children. Well, many years later when the worst imaginable thing in the world that could happen to me in a million years happened. I lost my children. Granted it still took me a few years to realize that the system is flawed and the courts were acting illegally, and that nobody was on our side, but I finally put it all together and this happens to hundreds of thousands of parents.

My uncle; typical narcissist wanted to hurt the mother of his children. How does one do that, other than threaten to take them away. They were married for many years, she didn’t work she stayed home to raise the kids and he owns his own auto body business. Needless to say he has more money then her, which the person with the most income normally gets placement. A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) was assigned to the case, who is supposed to be the children’s attorney. They are supposed to ensure the children’s rights are being met and the best interest for the children is also being met. My uncle started dating the GAL, and Janice, the mother lost everything. It is illegal for a GAL to have sexual or any relations with a client. Lisa Bouterse of Kenosha County Wisconsin, my uncle is Brian Ambrosini of Kenosha Wisconsin, currently in jail for felony theft. They are still together years later. Janice tried showing proof to the courts, who wouldn’t listen to her. Janice kept being sent to jail for child support, she would make payments and as soon as she was behind again Brian would get her thrown in jail. If I recall correctly she said she spent total of 3-5 years not consecutively in jail for child support.

Janice was made to have supervised visits with her children, though she was never charged with any abuse. I reached out to Janice last year, when the same uncle and same GAL had a hand in keeping my children from me and trying to get them adopted out away from me and to another family member. When we spoke after probably ten years, she told me she fought and fought for her kids and fought to be a part of their lives. That Brian dating the GAL is what got the children taken from her. She expressed how badly she missed her children and loved them and how she knew the exact pain I was going through and how bad she felt for me. That no mother she said, but no parent should have to ever live without their children. She explained the corruption in her case, the falsified documents and cover ups, false allegations. She said she tried reaching out to see and talk to her kids and how Brian wouldnt allow it and threw her back in jail for support to keep her away. When her son turned 18 she contacted him herself through facebook and he wanted nothing to do with her. He even wrote a mean post about her on his wall so she could see it, saying she was never around and how great of a dad he has. These children were brainwashed into believing that their mother didn’t want anything to do with them and that she just went on living her life. That was anything but the truth. She struggled daily with the pain of not being with her children like we all do.

She shared photos with me how she still had Dominick’s first stocking from his first christmas, she shared a college she made welcoming her daughter Angelica into the world. She told me she had boxes and boxes of pictures and handprints, that she still had the outfits they wore home from the hospital when they were born. She cried and said that her children will always be her life. That she knows one day the will remember how much she loves them and that she will never give up.

Janice passed away on Feb 1st. I found out March 10th,  and am writing this with a heavy heart.  Her children wanted nothing to do with her when she tried reaching out to them. As a mother who was a homemaker and her children were her whole life, this is very difficult to cope with. Everyone has different coping methods. Nobody should judge a grieving parent and how they cope with the pain and emptiness. There are healthy and positive routes, although realistically if you have never walked in the shoes of an alienated parent or parent who has had to deal with the corruption of family courts and CPS then you simply do not understand. It is like you and your children are screaming and nobody listens, there is nowhere to turn to help. Family turns their back on you, your friends end up leaving you because this consumes your life, its hard to go anywhere as it hurts to see children and families happy enjoying life. You cant help but feel jealous, and the parents who dont appreciate what they have and complain about parenting or do not see their children when they can makes you so angry because you wish that you  could just be a parent to your children.

Her children were notified when she was in coma on her death bed. Around 40 years old and she lies in a hospital bed lifeless, her only wish was that her children and her could be together again and that they knew the truth of how she never gave up, how hard she tried, that she never stopped loving them and would always be there for them. It was too late now as she lie there dying of a broken heart in that hospital bed. The father was contacted, he was in jail for felony theft charges. The children were able to go to the hospital and see their dying mother on her death bed so young, yet so lifeless. She did wake up while the kids were there from my understanding. The kids got to say goodbye to the mother they never got to know. She raised them when they were young and when they were old enough to know they refused to talk to her. All because of the corrupt family courts, the corrupt GAL sleeping with their father, the lies the kids were fed, the ignorance of the family on family court, and ect. By the time they seen their mother it was to late. She died. They were there at the hospital to say goodbye, they were by her side. She went peacefully knowing in her heart that her kids were there with her in her last hours. Though, I myself am bitter. I worry what if I am never allowed to see my children again. I didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. I fight to be in their life. Anything can happen at any time to anyone, what if it’s going to be too late for me too. Her kids went to her funeral, cried, they kept pictures of her, posted to social media about their mother who died. To me, why? She begged for you to listen to understand to love her to be in her life and now you never can be. Thats how I feel. My heart aches for her. I am that mother reaching out every way i can, desperately wanting to be in my kids lives, fighting the corrupt system while the system and family is against me and my children being together so the state can benefit financially by keeping my children. I wont give up, I will continue to fight, to educate and fight for the bond and love my children and i share, as well as the hundreds of thousands of other parents doing the same.

Around Christmas  a year or two before she died, my mother was at Brian’s house and Angelica said everyone had curly hair except her, my mom said well your mom has straight hair. My mom was given a dirty look from the adults of the family. They do not talk about Janice to her kids and not about me to my two children who they are attempting to do the same things with and erase me. Which is very sad, and very selfish and makes you think what kind of adults are these erasing the mothers of these children, when the mothers are wanting to be in their lives and fighting for them.

It isn’t only the children being alienated from the one or both parents. Siblings grow up not knowing each other, grandparents, aunts, uncles. An entire side of a family if not both is kept from the child and the child is led to believe that the parent who they don’t live with is bad, or doing something wrong, or not fighting for them, that they dont want to see them, that they dont love them, that they dont try to see them, ect. When that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many parents take their own lives due to  CPS/Family Court corruption and Parental Alienation. Janice did not take her own life, though died from a broken heart. She missed her children and that was the only thing on her mind 24/7 haunting her, as it does most of us affected by this inhumane act from our government. It needs to stop. t We need to stand together, we have to stop losing wonderful parents to this. Our children need us. Facebook has been a blessing to me, I have met so many wonderful families and parents going through the same thing as my family and we are all there to support and encourage one another. If there is a crisis we reach out and do  what we can. We are trying to make change for our families, those already gone due to this injustice and all of those unaware or who will go through this after us. We will never forget the wonderful parents who just like Janice died from a broken heart. The autopsy can say cause of death by drugs, alcohol, self-inflicted, whatever on all these parents but the truth of the matter is and we all know that their heart was broken, their children were taken and kept from them, memories lost forever. Not everyone is so strong, those who are need to keep helping those who may not be.


Rest in Heaven Janice – I personally will keep your story alive and justice will be served for my family and you, even though you are no longer here, i know you are watching down on your children and on me hoping for justice and change to be made.

To anyone thinking of committing suicide please reach out there are so many going through the same thing and we understand. We are all here to help one another. For those who tried and did not succeed i am so glad that you are here and you have another chance at life. Dont ever give up and keep fighting for your children!!!!



Mother of 3 Dies with Broken Heart

Write an effective letter marketing your story




From my 30 Day End CPS corruption challenge FaceBook page -Day 5-

Find potential media sources for our cause, as we know mainstream media won’t take our stories, if they are being paid off or whatever the reason.

Don’t just tell your story! Sell your story!

1.) Mention there are thousands of us families. This will benefit them by getting more viewers, likes, followers, all of us will share there stories. Show what we can do for them! In turn we are getting what we want exposure! So are they!

2.) Explain that they will be able to interview MANY more parents, with stories similar. This makes them not have to look for a story, we are dropping it in their lap, saving them time, energy.

3.) When selling, find common ground with person you are reaching out to. Example: If I were reaching out to NFL Patriots Tom Brady. I would not just ask him to share my story I would say something I know about him for instance he is working with a fundraising site for Disabled children, I would mention that I think it is really great that he is giving back and raising money for a worthy cause, ( mention where you seen this , on what website, you will have to take a little time researching, but its how you get results ) after complimenting them and stating where you seen them, explain why they would be an ideal candidate for advocating, “telling” our/your story. Why them? Again use compliments that are true and related to our story. Using Brady again, he is married has two children of his own, I’d say how he’s a hero to many and how he’s a wonderful husband and father , I’d mention the beautiful picture of him with his wife walking in the lake with his child on his shoulders, such a precious picture that tells a story. You can see the love for his life/family/wife/children in the picture! After that go into your story. Be brief but main parts that will grab attention, state how you feel about the system, then in closing ask if the person could assist you in sharing your story ect.

-Search truth seekers on Facebook who tell real stories of the real world ect. If you find email for them , is better than messaging in Facebook. Also you should have made an email with name and signature specifically for these reasons.

-search YouTube for same type of journalists and podcasts. Even random people who have a ton of followers work.

-Instagram some people on there are truthers ect look and see if there’s anyone who could share our story

Use your imagination, who can you reach out to that a lot of viewers will see our stories? Then research, keep a notebook with who you contact and when, so you can follow up, like a job.

Share with us here, the great ideas you came up with. Share good contacts so more of us can contact them, they will know their is “supply and demand” for these story types.

– If you get a good reply back, please share here or in my email.

Don’t get discouraged if they say they could not help you, bright side is that was one more person that just read YOUR story!!!

If you want me to read your letter before you send it, let me know, I can help you. Writing is my passion, and changing this system is my priority!

Good luck! Contact 10 people, I would do more. I do this daily. This is very valuable information that will help you.


List of Contacts I compiled



Hi fellow advocates and parents/grandparents this is a small list of some of the contacts I have put together to file complaint and get our stories heard. I did this to help other parents, as I have this in a binder. Please use wisely, let’s reform family court 2016.










Obama complaint line-1-202-456-1111

White House main #-1-202-453-1111

Dept if Justice main-1-202-514-2000

DOJ office of Asst General-1-202-514-2151



HTTPS://m.whitehouse.gov -email Obama

mccutcheonrb@msn.com – send story

AskDOJ@usdoj.gov don’t send attachments

Dept if Justice civil rights division 950 Pennsylvania ave NW Washington DC 20530-0001

ABC investigating team: abcnews.go.com/Blotter/swimming

White out press c/o onn po box 300942 Chicago il 60630 , editor@whiteoutpress.com founder:mark wachtler


http://www.drphil.com email show



List of Contacts I compiled

NASW- Code of Ethics


In preparation for the jury trial for my children that were illegally removed from my care, I have notebooks full of things that I have learned and will share. Please do not take anything as legal advice as I am not an attorney and am a self taught mother fighting the system for the injustice they caused to my family.

These are notes on the NASW, Code of Ethics, Questions to ask worker in regards to ethics, and riskmanagement during our case. I found the information provided at http://www.social worker.com and in an article titled 9 tools for your professional social work toolkit. Valerie Arendt , MSW, MPP Executive Director for NASW, NC.

Code of Ethics

  • NASW code of ethics States you have studied and learned from this set of values ethical principles and ethical standards and the general public can hold the social work profession accountable for his actions. Without this essential tool to guide your practice you are not a social worker!


Social Work licensure exists to protect the public. Social worker. Social worker needs to invest in liability. Public may file a malpractice lawsuit.



  • Risk management


  • What decision-making based module did the social worker use? Ask her! Consult with supervisor?
  • Ethical theories: deontology ( duty based ethics)
  • Teleology- choosing actions that maximize positive consequences
  • Personal experience, social worker second guessed herself. After warrantless entry search and seizure, telling me the petition may not go through. Then later stating her supervisor was forcing her to file petition, after my children were illegally removed.


NASW code of ethics standard 1. 02 respect clients rights to self-determination and may only limit clients right to self-determination when clients actions or potential action pose a serious foreseeable and imminent risk to themselves or others. And that’d be even if social worker had the right to come into client’s home which in my case they didn’t in the first place.

Find out if the social worker is a member of the NASW. If they are then the social worker is bound to the code of ethics legally. Call NASW. Complain, file grievance, the social worker violated the code.


Ethical dilemma equal legal obligation comes first! Look up duty to protect law social worker in the state that you live in, these are notes and what I have learned while fighting CPS in the state of Wisconsin. After my children were illegally stolen from my car with no danger to them and multiple false allegations. This is only my opinion and should not be taken as legal advice.


In my particular situation the social worker made a mistake and then ask the supervisor to not file the petition. Error of judgement asked if that is why. Biased assumption inaccurate information. These lead to greater client anger more severe professional and legal consequences for the social worker. As a social worker they have a duty to put the interest of the client first! Code of ethics standard 1.01 and duty to act with honesty and integrity standard 4.04.


Questions to ask worker

  • Why didn’t you follow up and fix the error?
  • Why further our families suffering?
  • Where you afraid that the supervisor in agency would be angry with you or scared of a client lodging a complaint against you and you are so new to your position?
  • Scared a client would initiate legal proceedings against you?
  • Couldn’t face embarrassment, loss of job?
  • To admit a significant practice error takes moral fortitude, which you apparently lack.
  • When making an error or lack of good judgement you could have went to supervisor, their supervisor, your attorney, agency’s attorney, & a SW office of ethics and professional review, liability insurance company, clinical supervisor, why didn’t you go to any of these people for reference?


To do


Look up social worker credentialing board web sites. C frequent cases clients filed against them resulting in imposed fines, penalties, licensure sanction, suspension or revocation. Some instances imprisonment for misconduct, violation of confidentiality, falsification of records, malfeasance excetera.


Ask the worker why did you go into social work? The answer invariably centers around an interest to wanting to help or improve the lives of others correct? The answer invariably centers around an interest to wanted to help others or improve the lives of others correct inheritance rights? Governmental authority to remove Child from home. The social worker is supposed to carry out trust, confidence, respect this is an integral part of client engagement strategy. To work toward family reunification. In my particular case these things have not occurred.


Ask the social worker what rapport building techniques did you use while handling my case?


  • More frequently there is a conflict of interest with clients and social worker. Examples of behavioral factors violation of Worker client relationships are.
  • Giving personal email, phone number, home address, Facebook account.
  • Worker shares openly and freely own personal experiences with client.
  • Communicate via text via Worker personal or work cell
  • Worker spends more time with client than others and more.


If such involvement between Worker and client is suspected, this warrants further probe and attention by Worker supervisor.
Ascribed core principles, ethical procedures, guidance in regards to policy safeguards that govern scope of responsibility of employees providing client services intended to keep all safe.

NASW- Code of Ethics

Holidays without our children


Holidays were not very Happy!!!

We were forced to miss Halloween, Thanksgiving, both these two beautiful babies birthdays in November, Christmas and the new year without our children! For no reason other than pure evil.

These children were never injured in the care of their parents. Their parents have no criminal or drug record once so ever. The parents speak openly and honestly giving their entire lives of information to anyone so that the world will know they aren’t hiding anything and are speaking the truth!

The executive director where the family lived had a vendetta against the family and tried numerous times to get these children away from their loving parents to hurt the mother. Sad, isn’t it? That someone could be so cruel and heartless to take these two beautiful children away from their parents who they love and who love them.

This director broke into the family’s home many times, took pictures of their belongings, and stole from them. RACINE WI POLICE department refused to arrest this woman. Police and Child Protective Services (CPS) of Racine were aware the director was making multiple false allegations against the mother, which is illegal in WISCONSIN, but continued allowing the calls to continue. After multiple investigations, 14 to be exact, police and CPS reports indicate that the director was not being truthful when making these calls. In fact the night before the dreaded day of January 30,2015, two police officers showed up to the family’s home and investigated get again. After two hours they found that the director was being untruthful and no abuse or neglect was or had occurred in the home to the children.

The next day though, the director, CPS and police (after exagerrated & untruthful call by director) call a locksmith to break the lock of the family’s front door, they fraudulently enter into the home, where the two toddlers are being supervised by their mother laying them down for a nap in the bedroom down the hall. No investigation took place, and the mother was told the children “had to go”, without CPS worker even seeing the children. Mother tried explaining the police were there less than 12 hrs prior, and the multiple break ins and false allegations made by the director. Mother was ignored, unable to continue explaining and yelled at by armed police officers to get the children up and ready and a bag packed. Mother asked to be shown a warrant, no warrant was produced. Mother expressed not agreeing and not consenting to any of this, again armed officer told her to ” stop wasting their time “. Mother was made to put her cell phone down during the illegal entry,search and seizure.

At court, both parents rights were completely denied and violated! Not being able to speak, not being able to make a plea. Not able to show evidence supporting the director making number of false allegations. Judge gave mother counsel that mother did not want or ask for. He forced her to take counsel, and in turn this silenced the mother from being able to get the truth on record. It stopped the mother from getting anything on the record because the attorney did not work at all for the mothers defense. Judge gave mother another attorney and same thing happened even worse! The more the parents learned of their rights the less the attorney did.

The parents learned that the Judge had known the director for many years and their families knew each other. In fact the Judge had been the director and her husband attorney in the past. The Judge never told that to the parents. Mother was allowed to go pro se, since she could not afford an outside attorney and the court appointed attorneys were not doing anything at all. The jurors were dismissed day two of trial after judge starting trial earlier than he told parents. Parents had a letter for release for work given by the the courts baliff. Didn’t matter. Judge dismissed jurors as parents walking into courtroom. Mother was not allowed to cross examine states first witness which was the father, all in a big plot to not allow the truth on the record at all cost. Pictures from director breaking into family’s home and staged their belongings were used in the trial after mother let everyone know that they were not from day in question or taken by social worker. Mother prepared the entire 11 months children had been removed and learned everything she could about the laws, their rights, CPS guidelines they didn’t follow and prepared many good points. The parents had put in motion to dismiss with all their proof.

I don’t know if you have any idea what or when there is a Motion to Dismiss but the best way to describe it would be this: if you are playing poker and you only go “All In” if you are 100% sure you have the winning hand. That is the only time you should use a motion to dismiss before a Jury Trial in my opinion, please note I am not an attorney so do not take any of the advice you get here as legal help this is my personal opinion only. In this case the DA ( prosecutor) , judge and CPS workers all worked together to make lies to get out of the evidence provided by the parents. That is not what is supposed to happen, in fact there is a due process clause just for this reason. These parents and many other parents were denied their due process rights.

The parents were prepared as I mentioned earlier, this was a long drawn out case where their children were and still are being held hostage by the state and have been placed in Foster Care. The parents were allowed approximately 6-7 visits with their children during these 11 months before the trial. Everything that the mother said, ( mostly when mentioning the TRUTH) she was objected to. Everything she tried objecting to was denied by the Judge and the “state” was allowed to use anything and everything, weather it was lies, not from the date in question, no matter what. Which is very bias of the Judge. As the mother tried continuing with the unfair, bias, kangaroo court trial she was getting terrible anxiety and started having chest pains the more she realized how the trial was rigged and Judge was allowing and participating in misconduct in the courtroom.

Mother t the Judge that she could not MEDICALLY continue on with the trial and was having chest pains and trouble breathing. As she was explaining this to him, she was crying uncontrollably. The DA asked the Judge to bring in her witnesses during the conversation between the Judge and the mother. Then in front of the entire courtroom Judge asked the mother pressing questions about her mental health, medications and doctors. Mother stated she didn’t feel comfortable discussing that in front of everyone that was present in the courtroom but when she was ignored, she had to answer the Judge. The Judge denied the mother having counsel ad she was requesting effective counsel that she had not prior been given. The state, DA, GAL, and Judge conduct these types of trials daily for a living, and the mother; this was her first time and her whole life was riding on this trial. She never hurt or neglect her children and she wanted the truth to be out and her children returned home. The Judge forced the mother to go on. A 911 call resulting in an ambulance taking the mother to the ER, and while the mother was in the ER, the Judge made findings that these two children are in need of protection and services. Without the trial ever being finished. Disposition hearing set for February 2 2016. That is over a year after children were removed illegally. Imagine being 2&3 years old falling asleep with your mom next to you, your sound machine on peaceful and safe in your home. Then being woken up with your mommy crying hysterically, 13 people who you don’t know in your home treating your mom bad. These people look scary in uniforms and have guns, though you don’t know what guns are because your parents protected you from bad things but you feel the fear when they yell at your mommy. Then you are taken away in a vehicle that you never been in, with people you don’t know and not only is your mommy not with but she’s crying as you leave her, you don’t even have your own car seats. You never go in any vehicle without your mom, why is she crying? Then you barely see your parents for months and months which feel like eternity to toddlers who have no concept of time. Mommy and daddy not there for your birthday, or Christmas or ever.

The system is designed to do this to families all the time. The state gets a lot of money each month for these children who are in state care. In this particular case the children were never harmed physically or mentally in the care of the parents. The mother always seekedd assistance from outside resources when needed, children had everything they needed such as clothes,food,beds,shelter. This particular case was the director who had a vendetta against the mother who she publically let CPS and others know of this vendetta against her by the way she spoke of her and words she used. It’s all in the reports from previous false allegations made by the director. CPS investigated into the family by other sources, daycare teachers, counselor and others who all spoke very highly of the mother and the way she treated her children and how the children were kept daily. For all these reasons and more this case should not have happened the way it did. The Judge was clearly carrying out a favor for his long time friend who happened to be the director. The director has many political parties as friends and family in the community, which explains why she was not arrested for clearly breaking the law. It is even publically recorded that the director husband threatened a woman to “BASH her head in” at a recall Scott Walker poll, and when he went to court for it he was let go of all charges. The public record of this incident also mentioned that the husband knew the Judge and was friends with him. It was a separate Judge than the one in this case, but shows how they have pull in the legal/political community.

When is enough ENOUGH?!? This woman; the director is ruining these innocent children lives, for what? A vendetta against their mother? Or because she can, because she is long time friend with the Judge? We the people.. Elect our judges, is this what happens after we elect them? No justice? Rights violated! Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, in this case there was no criminal case. Although neglect is a crime against children and punishable as such, so if neglect actually occurred this parent would have had criminal charges as well. Many other things happened, many more rights violated, and conspiracy. This was the just of the story, please to get these two beautiful children back to their parents please visit Bring Ashton and Lexi Keegan home Facebook page.  Or contact parents by email at againstcpsfalseallegations@gmail.com

This family has until Feb 2nd to still be able to win, and have case closed, children returned home. The mainstream media won’t take the story in their city because its against the DA, Judge, Sargent, Police ect. If you have any advice or help you could offer in any way please notify them. Visit the Facebook page for updates, see how Feb 2nd hearing turns out, or for more information. Thank you so much for reading, sharing, responding, and for your prayers and support. This family helps so many others, and that is what it is all about helping each other. If you don’t stand up for others rights when they are violated, who will be there to stick up for yours when yours have been violate!?!?!?! Something to think about. This mother never thought in a million years anything like this would ever happen to her family. They are not rich with money but rich in love, their children had attention, love, everything they ever needed, quality time with two loving parents. In fact they were supervised so well its been noted that the mother wanted to work on being able to shower or use the restroom alone, because even then her children were occupied playing in eyes reach and the mother would rush just to be able to keep a 100% attentive eye on them. Good parents don’t deserve this, and its happening more and more to good parents. Most times to below poverty families, so they are unable to hire an outside attorney. If you know an attorney, or children’s advocate in WISCONSIN or even ILLINOIS possibly that could help in any way or take payments please reach out to these parents. If you have a news site, or connection with the news/media, this needs to get out, addressed and stopped before more families are torn apart! Be safe! Know your rights, be careful and stick up & speak out for what is RIGHT. If nothing else please pray that this family and all families undeserving of this cruelty be reunited immediately.

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